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Misty's having a hard time staying in her new bed. She's in Ricky's former bed since the boys have been moved in together. Her new mattress came today. I got her back from her dad today, and she was here for the mattress delivery. She helped make the bed (thank goodness... I didn't want to climb up there).

Misty making her new bed.

(Those are Lightning McQueen sheets. That's what she has on her bunkbed at Daddy's house and I thought I'd get them for her to have here -- she approved!)

She tucked her babies into the cradle I slept in when I was a baby, which my mom gave us today. Everything seemed peachy. At bedtime, we read a book as usual, and then she got into bed. She came out one time for another hug and then... She went to sleep! She slept for three hours!

And then she woke up. She had the mother of all tantrums when I told her she needed to sleep in her big girl bed. She insisted she wanted to go into her old bed. That's the crib-converted-into-a-daybed in my room. It's still there but I stripped all of the bedding off of it. When she was done having the tantrum, I said I would let her use my nightlight til we could get her her own, and that I'd sit in there for a while so she could go to sleep (this is a trick I learned on Supernanny). I got a chair and my new nook color and camped out for a while. The first time I tried to leave, she came out after a few minutes. When we went back in, I put on Andrew's clock radio on a softly-played alternative station and sat in there again. I guess I left too soon because she came out again. She was concerned about her old bed. I told her we might sell it to a family with a baby. She didn't want me to sell it. As I walked her back into her room I said maybe we wouldn't sell it so soon. I sat and read the nook for a little bit longer, until I thought I heard her snoring, and I left the room.

And now she's asleep.


I'm sure this is just the first of many battles, but it's a start.
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