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Name:Becky's journal
Birthdate:Jul 5
Website:my LJ

A tender moment on webcam

I'm a married single mom of two three kids (two boys and one baby girl) and I live in California. My interests include geocaching, Bookcrossing, and Where's George, among other things.

I currently work full time at a high school and part time/temp for a local City government, and have my own business selling online.

With few exceptions, this journal is friends only. I blog about my kids and their challenges, my work, my personal life, my life in general, and sometimes about current events. I very occasionally participate in memes and surveys but I'm kind with the lj-cut feature. If you don't think any of these things would interest you, there would be no need to add me. However, if you'd like to read what I have to say, then please comment to be added; please include info about how we might know each other and why you're interested in reading my journal. I don't bite! :) If you've come here because I friended you, I would appreciate reciprocal friending, as well.

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