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Here I am, trying to use LJ again.  :)  We will see how long this works.  :)

So, spring of last year, I found out from work that my license had been suspended.  It turned out to be an error.  The county had told DMV to suspend me for failure to appear even though I *had* appeared and made payment arrangements for a fix it ticket.  I got it straightened out with the court and DMV within a week and since then, my DMV record has consistently showed no problems.

Yesterday I spoke with Geico about my auto insurance and they said they were going to be DOUBLING my monthly payments because of last year's suspension.  What???  I looked at my record on the DMV website and sure enough, the suspension was back (resolved, but still there).

So now I've got to take time out of a workday (at my new job; I can't be just bopping off to do errands whenever) to go to the traffic court and probably also DMV to get this resolved.  Because that's *totally* what I want to be doing, losing wages to deal with this stupid crap that's not my fault.

Meanwhile [ profile] ozzwepay and I have been renting a room from [ profile] cerulean_me and family (and paying $500 a month to keep a bunch of stuff in storage) and hoping to save up money for a place of our own where I can also get one or more kids back to living with me.  He's been out of work for a while and is looking for a job (tech support, email, spam stuff -- if anyone knows of a position, let me know).  The rents in the area in the past year have gotten to be completely out of control.  To give you some idea, in 2011 I was paying $1750 for a three bedroom, two bathroom duplex in a decent part of San Jose.  I just looked on Craigslist and found that comparable units in the same area are now renting for at least $3200; most of them are closer to $3800.  I am beginning to despair of ever being able to rent again.  Even if I go for a two bedroom unit I'm looking at at least $2500.  I don't even make that much per month, and most places want you to make at least three times the rent per month.

If I didn't have my mom and the kids here I would move out of the Bay Area in a heartbeat.  But I am stuck.  Please tell me how a regular lower middle class working person is supposed to be able to survive here?  (Section 8 has a waiting list many years long and the list hasn't been opened up in ages anyway.  There are no other low income housing programs available, and anyway I've found that I make too much or too little for most of the controlled rent places around here.  Catch-22.)


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