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First of all:

Misty with the Easter Bunny 2011

Isn't she the cutest? And how did she grow up suddenly?

Liz is all moved in here. We are still looking for a bigger place of our own but meanwhile we have all crammed in here. It's not so bad. The kids are having a little trouble adjusting, especially Misty, but it's going okay. It's good to have a PLAN, you know?

So, tomorrow Ricky is having an endoscopy. He's supposed to have these periodically to check on his reflux and stuff. It took a couple of days this week of hair-pulling bureacracy dealing to get it approved for payment by California Children's Services, but finally today when I called them, I was told it was approved yesterday.

A while later someone from the gastro doc's office called to say they'd left me a message yesterday about Ricky needing bloodwork before he could have the procedure. What? I had received no message from anyone and I had checked my voicemails just this morning. This ended up with them faxing a lab requisition over in a big hurry and me rushing to get Misty from preschool and take Ricky to get the blood drawn. It was drawn STAT and hopefully that was good enough. :P

The endoscopy is at 1:15 and he's not allowed to eat after... Well... Midnight. Now. And he can have clear liquids in the morning up until 11:30am. He's gonna be a very unhappy camper.

As for Andrew, after stressing out about him having no insurance, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a Medi-Cal card for him on Saturday. Just like that. Seems I make too little for us to qualify for Healthy Families so his app was forwarded on to Medi-Cal. He's got a card that we can use for the time being while we wait weeks for them to determine that he is, indeed, eligible. Which he is, duh. So yay no more paying out of pocket for his $300 prescription.

Okay, off to bed with me. Goodnight.


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